Monday, November 19, 2007

Pakistan,Musharraf, and terrorism

The news channels are claiming that the Bush Regime made strong demands on Musharraf of Pakistan. Well lets see. They sent John Negroponte.
In the 1980's he was ambassador in Honduras. From there he ran the Contra terrorist war against Nicaragua. He supervised and channeled the U.S. funds to create death squads in Honduras, which was nominally neutral. He is a terrorist himself.

When he meets with Musharraf, I am confident that the Pakistani intelligence service knows that he is a terrorist. He believes in the use of bombing and terror against civilian populations.
So, what is his message?
His message must be - talk about democracy, but you are free to use whatever military and terrorist tactics you deem necessary. That is the real message.
If we had a independent media they would not be spewing the nonsense they are reporting today.
I encourage each PA member to call or write their local station - or send a letter to the editor- pointing our the hypocricy of claiming that John Negroponte is there to promote democracy.

Duane Campbell

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