Monday, September 24, 2007

Steal the state initiative

Signature gatherers are collecting signatures on the Sac State campus on the Republican initiative to change the way California distributes the state’s electoral votes.
This is anti Democrat initiative. It will give electoral votes to the Republicans and could well determine the 2008 presidential election.
The California Democratic Party has been fast out of the box and is calling the initiative the "Steal the State" Initiative. That name communicates instantly what the initiative is about. As the CDP is already out there branding the initiative, it would be great if our campaign would add that name and pound it in, along with the more centrist opposition.

Those gathering signatures are deliberately misrepresenting the initiative as sponsored by the Democratic Party. When I confronted one operative, he seemed confused. He really did not understand the initiative, he was just earning money.
Today, signature gatherers were describing it as reforming the electoral college.
Duane Campbell,
Electoral Committee Chair. P.a.

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