Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit and the New Global Rebellion | Portside

Brexit and the New Global Rebellion | Portside
Great Britain’s citizens haven’t been losing control over their fate to the EU. They’ve been losing it because their own country’s leaders – as well as those of most other Western democracies – are increasingly in thrall to corporate and financial interests.
Richard Eskow

Bernie Sanders: Here's What We Want ! Post

As we head toward the Democratic National Convention, I often hear the question, “What does Bernie want?” Wrong question. The right question is what the 12 million Americans [1] who voted for a political revolution want.
And the answer is: They want real change in this country, they want it now and they are prepared to take on the political cowardice and powerful special interests which have prevented that change from happening.
They understand that the United States is the richest country in the history of the world, and that new technology and innovation make us wealthier every day. What they don’t understand is why the middle class continues to decline, 47 million [2] of us live in poverty and many Americans are forced to work two or three jobs just to cobble together the income they need to survive.
What do we want? We want an economy that is not based on uncontrollable greed, monopolistic practices and illegal behavior. We want an economy that protects the human needs and dignity of all people — children, the elderly, the sick, working people and the poor. We want an economic and political system that works for all of us, not one in which almost all new wealth and power rests with a handful of billionaire families.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Bad Trade Deal Kills Good Jobs

Don’t Let the TPP Put More People in the Unemployment Line
By allowing big corporations to pit local workers against highly-exploited workers abroad making less than 65 cents an hour, the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement threatens to offshore jobs and drive down wages. Please join displaced workers and community leaders in calling on Congress to oppose the job-killing TPP at any of these events…


Sacramento Rally * Bad Trade Kills Good Jobs

Monday, June 20 * 5:00pm

Outside Rep. Matsui’s office​

501 I St * Sacramento, CA

RSVP Online


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bernie Sanders Message To Supporters 6/16/16 DOESN'T CONCEDE, Pledges to...

People's Summit: Next Steps in the Bernie Revolution

People’s Summit Starts This Weekend!
By Barbara Joye

Building political power for the left in the U.S. is a long-term project.  It is not achieved by a single election.  DSA made enormous efforts in the campaign to elect Bernie Sanders and we experienced extraordinary growth as an organization.  Elections are important steps- but only steps. DSA will join more than 40 other lead organizations from the grassroots Bernie movement June 17-19 at a “People’sSummit” in Chicago to build alliances and plan for the next steps of working together.

The Summit is structured as an opportunity to network and exchange ideas, then go forward with greater unity to sustain our momentum and build the progressive movement in the period up to and following the presidential election. National staff and dozens of DSA members from around the country have signed up to attend.

Some of the participating organizations are National Nurses United; Progressive Democrats of America; Labor for Bernie; Working Families; Showing Up for Racial Justice; Latinos for Bernie; African Americans for Bernie; Women for Bernie; and the United States Student Association.   DSA, Socialist Alternative and Solidarity are the only explicitly socialist groups listed, and we were the only one invited to join the planning group.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Choosing Democracy: What Do Californians Do Now ?

Choosing Democracy: What Do Californians Do Now ?: Bernie lost. What do liberal Californians do now? Former state Assemblyman Henry Perea of Fresno, seen above, headed the caucus of moderate...

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Trump's racism isn't just racism. It's a strategy.

Trump's racism isn't just racism. It's a strategy.: In a new exclusive video with Civic Action, Demos Action, and Inequality Media, leading progressives voices Demos's Heather McGhee and University of California-Berkeley Professor Ian F. Haney L√≥pez expose the many ways in which Donald Trump uses racism as a strategy to divide Americans—for his own gain and for the benefit of others in [...]