Tuesday, March 28, 2017

DSA Action Alert

Sacramento County Sheriff, Scott Jones, is hosting an immigration community forum with ICE Director, Thomas Hamon, at the Sacramento County Youth Gym, 4000 Branch Center Road, Sacramento CA 95827, MARCH 28 at 5:00-7:00pm. There is a large counter- protest, organized by many different groups, being held at this forum. Sac DSA invites you to join the counter-protest, be loud, and stand up for immigrants!

Sacramento County jail currently cooperates with ICE- reserving 165 beds in the county jail for ICE detainees and allows ICE officials access to inmates for interrogation in exchange for 8 million dollars.

As democratic socialists, we believe in people over profit- all workers in our society, no matter their documentation status, deserve equal rights and treatment.

Join us as we protest Scott Jones, ICE director Thomas Hamon, and Trump's racist agenda. We need you!

In solidarity,


Mayor, Activist Protest Jones' Forum to Promote ICE

The Sacramento Bee:
Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg took aim Monday at Sheriff Scott Jones’ decision to host a public forum with the nation’s top immigration enforcement official, calling the decision “cynical” and “mean.”
Steinberg said he will be joined by a large group of protesters before the Tuesday forum with Jones and acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan. Labor unions, faith leaders and pro-immigrant groups are expected at the vigil, while state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León is expected to attend the forum.
“This is the worst time for an elected official to organize such a forum to stoke the fears of people, people who are already afraid,” Steinberg said. “We’re going to make it clear that the people of Sacramento stand with those who are just trying to make a place for themselves in our great country and in our great state.”

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

While Nobody's Watching, Paul Ryan Is Taking A Sledgehammer To Medicaid's Promise To Seniors | The Huffington Post

While Nobody's Watching, Paul Ryan Is Taking A Sledgehammer To Medicaid's Promise To Seniors | The Huffington Post

Republicans Plan to Gut Medicaid / Medical

The Real Story

From Talking Points Memo:

As we move toward Thursday's (likely) vote on the Ryan/Trump Obamacare repeal bill, we should remember that under the guise of repealing Obamacare, the House bill writers are actually going to great lengths to gut Medicaid.
Last week, TPM Reader EE gave us some indication of what that will entail.
I work in a nursing home and it seems that no-one is talking/asking questions about the devastating effect the medicaid cuts will have on nursing home residents and their families.
Families, including middle and upper income families, will be destroyed if they have to cover nursing home costs out of pocket or provide care themselves. Not to mention the oversight and quality control that will disappear.
A lot of people are going to die miserable, painful deaths. 
This is truly what death panels are. Starve funding. Starve the elderly. Maybe that's the plan.

Monday, March 20, 2017


On Tyranny : Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century
Timothy Snyder.  2017.

How do we resist the rise of tyranny ? the rise of  fascism ?
1.     Do Not Obey in Advance.
2.     Defend institutions.

For more, read the book.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Foothills Progressive Alliance

Inaugural Organizing Meeting
Saturday, March 18th, 2017
Leisa & Paul's House
3025A Cambridge Rd., Cameron Park

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Senator de León presents The California Values Act (SB 54) to committee

Sacramento Marchers Demand State Sanctuary Law

Duane Campbell
Over 1,500  marchers from around California descended on the Capitol on Wednesday  March 15,  seeking to pass SB 54: The California Values Act which would significantly prohibit local law enforcement from coordination with federal immigration agents.  While many cities and counties have sanctuary policies, this bill would  make it a state law and shield many immigrants from mass deportation efforts of the federal authorities. The bill is strongly opposed by the Association of County Sheriffs who manage county jails and receive federal funds for their cooperation.
  The massive demonstration on Wednesday was organized primarily by PICO of California and supported by immigrant rights organizations up and down the state.  The events began at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacramento in Sacramento, and then marchers proceeded to the Capitol to hear a rousing support speech from the President of the California Senate Kevin de León.
PICO is a structured multi racial organizing project with roughly equal participation and leadership from African American, Mexican, Latino, and Anglo religious traditions.

After singing civil rights songs in English and Spanish, and hearing speeches, the crowd entered to Capitol chanting One People: One Fight.  Delegations to legislative office insisted on the passage of SB 54, and SB 6 that would provide funds for legal defense of immigrants, as well as SB 31, the Religious Freedom Act which would prohibit any state agency from collecting information on religious affiliation and sharing that federal authorities – such as in creating a Muslim list.